The economic basis for green projects is financing. The renewable energy market has a strong outlook. We did not wait until the catastrophic events in Japan to start our green investment activities. Since the 1990s, we’ve been working to ensure a solid economic basis for our customers’ projects. Establishing this solid foundation is precisely why we take the initiative and offer customers full service, from the first economic analyses to managing operations, thus maximizing the return on the project.

Millions are at stake in wind power projects, which is why the first and most important step in any project is planning the basic financial data. Commitment and competence in financing issues ensure the right path from the outset and transform a renewable source of energy into an attractive business for investors and lenders.


Property owners on whose land wind turbines are built enjoy the benefit of secure leasing income over a period of at least 20 years. On public land, this opens up attractive income opportunities for the participating communities.
Projects are planned and implemented with the approval and close cooperation of the owners. We see our lessors as a long-term partners; for us, transparency and open communication are a matter of course.

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