If you’re planning a sustainable investment in the future that also meets the highest economic standards, you’ve come to the right place. Our services range from international land acquisition, to planning and development of renewable power projects, to all of the engineering work involved, even capital acquisition and financing – and all from a single source. We are happy to take on your project, whatever the planning phase. With the implementation in 2016 of our most demanding project yet in the German town of Hüselitz (Saxony-Anhalt), which supplies more than 100,000 households with electricity, we have become a medium-sized producer of green power.


In 1993, when the first serious wind energy systems began to emerge – at the time, mainly 500 kW turbines – an idea became reality: CPC Germania. It was clear that the industry needed strategists and planners to get the turbines available on the market into tangible and profitable projects. CPC Germania was a convergence of the expertise of wind power pioneers with the ideas of young engineers, technicians and business people. The result to date has been numerous highly profitable projects. Back in 1996, the Utgast wind farm with 41 x 600 kW turbines was the largest wind project in Germany, which we exceeded in 2001 by about 25% of installed capacity with the Altmark wind farm. Currently our experience is reflected in the Hüselitz wind farm which supplies Green power to more than 100,000 households with its 113 MW.


We are stakeholders in wind energy projects in nine European countries, in Turkey and in the USA. One of our partners or subsidiaries is always available on location for our customers, not least to ensure that there is always a responsible point of contact close at hand. Worldwide, newly installed wind power capacity in 2016 was around 54,600 MW, that corresponds to some 17,000 large wind turbines. Globally, total installed wind power capacity is 490,000 MW. North America, Asia and Europe have recognized the signs of the times and implemented future-oriented, renewable energy projects. We support such growth with our own international projects.


CPC Germania plans, builds and operates wind farm projects. The Hüselitz wind farm, which supplies around 100,000 households with 27 turbines of the 3MW class is the company’s largest and most efficient reference project to date. This project. planned, built and operated by us has elevated CPC Germania from a service provider to a fully-fledged mid-sized green power producer.

Project Development

It all starts with a good plan. Our specialists conduct planning ranging from single turbines to megaprojects. In doing so, they never lose sight of optimal ROI, the highest standards of personnel safety, strengthening the region, and of course, environmental sustainability.


We are always on the lookout for partners who share our ideals. We see collaboration as a multiplier that leverages competencies and strengths toward the achievement of a common goal. If you want to know how your project is progressing, we are also an ideal partner.


Our projects are implemented rapidly and professionally. Our specialists draw on years of partnerships and regional cooperation with local communities.


With CPC Germania, your project is in safe and competent hands. Our employees monitor and supervise projects around the clock. Safeguarding and improving the performance of wind power plants have top priority.

Operations management

Experienced technicians and specialists provide comprehensive service throughout the lifetime of a project. The technical availability of the fleet we manage exceeds 98%. Customers are also impressed at our strong team’s high level of competence built on extensive experience in operations management.


We analyze and evaluate your project with you to develop economically viable solutions. To this end, we bring together experts from all departments to form a skilled team. Projects are thus correctly evaluated in a timely manner and decisions are reached in coordination with the customer.

Guiding principles

We maintain value through environmentally sound practices, we create value through economical renewable energy projects.

Our service starts with the letter A, as in acquisition and assessment of suitable sites. We qualify sites through extensive measurements, analyses and expert assessments. Next comes the planning phase of a project, the evaluation of the planning, and approval. After the construction phase which we supervise and monitor in detail, the project is connected to the grid. Time for our operations management to take over: this is where all of the technical, energy, and financial threads intersect. That leads to Z, as in zeitgeist, the spirit of the times – interpret it as you like.


CPC Germania has developed and supplied turnkey wind farms and managed their operations for more than 25 years. Subsidiaries in nine key European markets represent a successful, long-term corporate strategy. For the past two years, we have successfully implemented the strategy of producing our own green power and are currently well established, with more than 140 MW of generation capacity.

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Markus Tacke

Chief Executive Officer

Melina Maria Tacke

Business Development Manager

Erik Trast

General Manager

Christoph Alteepping

Head of Technical Operation

Matthias Hladky

Head of Project Management

Gunnar Schwender

Legal counsel


Want to invest in wind power? Do you have a property that is well suited as a wind farm location? Are you interested in a career with us?
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